Your Business Can Navigate The Social Media Minefield

August 20, 2016

Social Media! It’s all about us. Everywhere you attending it’s: ‘Like Us On Facebook’ actuality and ‘Tweet Us’ there. We are amidst by agreeable media networks, and new ones are arising up all the time. Even admitting some businesses accept apparent the amount of agreeable media, abounding added accept bootless to butt the aftereffect agreeable media is accepting on the way businesses charge to bazaar themselves.

Effective business relies on accepting able to ambition and ability the greatest accessible amount of abeyant customers. If acceptable business methods become abortive or outdated, what should a business do?

In the past, a lot of humans would apprehend a bi-weekly daily. So if a business took out an advert, it was apparent by a lot of people. Today, abounding humans bolt up with accepted contest either through account apps or from the latest hot capacity circulating about in agreeable media conversations, abounding of which don’t use adverts. Area does this leave the baby business?

If you can’t get your business abstracts apparent by your ambition audience, again not alone will you be crumbling your money, but you will see a big abatement in your revenue, and no business can sustain that for long. Your alone advantage is to go area the humans are – and that is on Agreeable media.

The time humans absorb on agreeable media networks is growing, about on a circadian basis. They collaborate with humans globally, accomplish accompany there, ask others for admonition there, even boutique there. Because of the options accustomed to humans aural the agreeable arrangement communities, humans are abundant added adeptness about the articles and casework they wish to buy. How do you get YOUR business articulation heard a allotment of the in fact millions of added choir that are talking circadian on agreeable media?

There is no such affair as a ‘captive audience’ aural these agreeable networks. Businesses charge to relearn how to ability out and appoint with their abeyant barter but they charge to access it in the appropriate way. Humans charge a acceptable acumen to investigate a business page on agreeable media and an even bigger one to appear aback for more!

You don’t charge to accomplish mistakes to learn… you can account from searching at the mistakes humans accept fabricated in the accomplished so you don’t echo them. Actuality are some acquaint others afore you accept abstruse the harder way.


There are 2 capital affidavit for blank agreeable media – Businesses either anticipate it to be a fad that alone kids use to babble on and canyon funny photos around, or they don’t yield it actively as an option, cerebration that there are bigger agency to absorb their business time than talking to teenagers.

The facts appearance agreeable media IS actuality to stay:

  • August 2013, appear Facebook had clocked up 1.15 BILLION alive users
  • 21st March 2013, on its 7th Birthday, Twitter appear that it had over 200 actor alive users creating over 400 actor tweets daily.
  • In July 2013, Semiocast appear Pinterest had over 70 actor users

What’s more, the user abstracts for anniversary of these, and other, agreeable media networks appearance no assurance of waning. Agreeable media networks abide to abound ages on month. Every business should ask itself the austere catechism ‘Can my business allow NOT to be application agreeable media?’ (The answer, by the way, should be NO!)

You accept to be in it to win it.


So that’s it… You’ve absitively to yield the attempt into the basin of agreeable media. So you’re traveling to acquaint humans about your vacation and again WHAM! Hit them with your sales pitch! Smooth! Not really. That would be like jumping into a pond basin if you can’t bathe – you would just bore after a trace.

Each agreeable media arrangement is different. They accept their own alone user profile, their own way for users to collaborate with anniversary other, their own communities, their own rules and agreeable etiquette, and their own way of accepting users to appoint with one another. Unless you investigate anniversary network, you can’t be abiding which ones are traveling to be the best fit for your company. As we said before, you charge to bazaar anon to abeyant barter in adjustment to advance added sales, so you charge to be abiding your barter are in fact there BEFORE you start.


People will acquaint you that you should be on this agreeable arrangement or that agreeable network. Really? You charge a attendance on EVERY arrangement going? Considering the growing amount of agreeable networks out there, you would charge canicule and canicule account of time to accumulate anniversary one of your accounts active, agreeable and active over. So unless you accept an army of advisers to do it for you, you would accept to accept amid active your business or active your agreeable media empire.

We all apperceive that time is money. So rather than aggravating to be a Jack-of-all-Trades, alpha off with a acquiescent amount of agreeable networks that accept a broader user profile. The accepted networks of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are a acceptable abode to begin. There is abundant admonition accessible to businesses on how to use these networks to acceptable effect. We can aswell admonition you plan out a good, able business action to advance your business on these platforms.

Once you are adequate with the account accepted of befitting these running, you can again yield the time to attending at added agreeable networks to see if there are any added networks that action your business the adventitious to accomplish acquaintance with added sections of your abeyant chump base.


Social media is a all-inclusive agenda mural that is simple to get absent in if you don’t accept a map or purpose for accepting there. You charge to accept a acceptable alone business action for whatever belvedere you are on, as able-bodied as alive the best way of agreeable users in that network. That way, you will consistently be focused on what you wish to achieve, as able-bodied as how you are traveling to accomplish it.


Imagine you met anyone that you absolutely clicked with as a friend. You absorb 2 weeks together, speaking all the time and you body up a absolutely acceptable rapport. Then, after any warning, they disappear. One ages passes after a word, again addition and another. 6 months later, they get aback in blow as if annihilation has happened and try to aces up area they larboard off. How would you feel? What if they approved to advertise you something in that aboriginal babble with you? How would you feel then? Used? Misled? Could you absolutely see them as a acquaintance or would you see anyone who was just assuming to be affable to get money out of you?

This is how agreeable media differs from approved marketing. Afore you can alpha to account from the access you are authoritative to humans on anniversary network, you charge to body up a assurance and affinity with them. This agency accepting a approved allotment of the arrangement community, something that can’t be done by dipping in and out every 3-4 months. The access your business makes on these agreeable networks charge disposed just like any added offline chump relationship.

The clue’s in the name – SOCIAL media. These networks aren’t about humans appear to shop. There are arcade malls and agenda administration food offline for that. Humans appear to agreeable media to appoint with and socialise with added agreeing people. Accepting social, you acquisition fun things to attending at, absorbing humans to babble with, agreeable anecdotes and videos, and a blink into the lives of others about the world. So if you are all annealed and business-like, you are traveling to stick out like a abscessed thumb. And if you are addled and annealed and business-like, and just in it for the sales, again humans will abstain you like the plague.

As a business, you charge to bang a blessed average amid blockage able and absolution your abeyant audience see the animal ancillary of your business. So don’t be abashed to allotment some of your claimed ancillary with added users. Absolution your personality out gives others something about your business they can chronicle to and wish to do business with.

By announcement daily, commenting and accidental to the agreeable bolt of the agreeable media networks your business is a allotment of, it keeps you and your business arresting to others and builds up their assurance in you as anyone added than just addition aggregation aggravating to advertise them something.

KEEPING IT REAL… just not too real

There are abhorrence belief abounding about companies who accept either affected to be a chump to leave themselves a aglow affidavit or accept paid humans to put their name to a aglow analysis the aggregation has in fact accounting itself. These types of ambiguous accomplishments blast the aplomb or assurance barter may accept in any business bent accomplishing it.

So the best admonition for any baby business buyer is to accumulate all the advice in your posts as 18-carat and reliable as possible. Talk about your day (but try to accomplish it interesting), or maybe a new artefact barrage but bestrew it with some lighter, added claimed data – a vacation maybe, or something that happened while driving.

There is a accomplished band amid claimed and too abundant information, abnormally as what you column reflects on your business. Try to break abroad from data of your activity that acknowledge too abundant about your life, such as a blowzy accord breakup, but aswell from data of your business relationships that may appearance you in a abrogating light. If humans see you apery your barter in a bad light, for archetype if you perceived them to be a bad or abrupt customer, they may accept the affair lies with your attitude, which ultimately is damaging to your reputation.

So be honest if you post, just not too honest.


Social media networks amount annihilation to join, so businesses anticipate that they are just a chargeless aperture to rake sales in from after accepting to absorb a penny accomplishing it. Able-bodied let me ask you… How are they traveling to acquisition your business in amidst all the added thousand of businesses?

For any business attack to be successful, there needs to be a able-bodied anticipation out, focused action targeting who it is aimed at, area those -to-be barter are amid and how to body up advice through agreeable media that will aftereffect in them acceptable one of your customers. You aswell charge to apperceive how abundant time and accomplishment you charge to set abreast not alone to apparatus the attack but aswell to baby-sit it and analyse the results, and if you can use any added assets to access the capability of your posts on anniversary of the agreeable media networks you are using.

So while the antecedent amount of agreeable media is free, there is a time and activity amount to the individuals who charge to absorb time cultivating and developing online relationships central anniversary network.


We apperceive just how active the activity of a baby business buyer is. It can yield a lot of time and accomplishment just to accumulate the business active from anniversary to week, and you just may not accept abundant time to sit down and plan out which of the agreeable media networks will account your business the a lot of and again plan out how to use anniversary one.